Offensive Cybersecurity

Penetration Testing services help your organization identify and close gaps across your IT landscape.

Detection Engineering

Purple Team Operations both validate and enhance your detection capabilities so you can start IR before the damage is done.

Adversary Simulation

Red Team Operations help prepare your defenders, controls, and playbooks to take on even the most advanced threat actors.

Professional Services

Learn how ScarletOps can help harden your organization against today's most prominent cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

For organizations new to offensive security, a general network pentest is the place to start. Get a handle on your cyber posture and start closing gaps across your environment today!

Application Testing

Do you run a sensitive or mission-critical Web, Android, or iOS application? We can test for issues so that you can patch them and stop data breaches before they happen.

Email Security

Phishing attacks remain one of the most common attack vectors for threat actors targeting businesses. Put your email security controls to the test with a comprehensive assessment!

Purple Team Ops

Do you have an EDR or SIEM from which you are looking to extract maximum value? A Purple Team Operation can help! We execute a variety of use cases in your environment to validate existing detections as well as generate the data you need to enable detection engineering efforts.

Ransomware Ops

Cybercriminals attempt to hold your data hostage to coerce you into payment, either by exfiltrating your data or encrypting it in place. By running our simulated ransomware and exfil tooling in your environment, we can help you to validate your mitigating controls and BCDR procedures.

Red Team Ops

Is your Blue Team ready for a targeted attack? We conduct a long-term covert campaign, either assumed-breach or full-scope, using state-of-the-art TTPs. With our simulated malware, we pursue the objective as defenders try to detect and contain the breach. This is the most advanced offering in offensive cyber.


Validate controls, detections, and playbooks by putting your defenses to the test!

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Maturity Model

Not sure which services are right for your organization?
We take a layered approach to meet you wherever you're at in your cybersecurity journey.


Your Organization:

Shadow IT

Mostly Reactive

Limited Security Controls

Legacy Technology

No Patch Management

No Security Training

No Security Testing

Our Services:

Penetration Testing


Your Organization:

Basic Security Controls

Limited Patch Management

Ad-hoc Security Training

Basic Incident Response

Limited Security Testing

Our Services:

Web Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Email Security Assessment


Your Organization:

Mostly Proactive

Enhanced Security Controls

Robust Patch Management

Formal Security Training

Modern Technology

Regular Security Testing

Our Services:

Purple Team Ops

Physical Intrusion Ops

Ransomware Ops


Your Organization:

Dedicated Blue Team

Robust Incident Response

Regular Threat Hunting

Extensive Security "Stack"

Advanced Security Controls

Rich Detection Engineering

Threat Intel Program

Our Services:

Red Team Ops (Lite)

Red Team Ops (Full)

Expert Operators

Our consultants have obtained certifications and training from several leading organizations across the cybersecurity industry.
From SMBs to large enterprises, we have experience with environments of all sizes and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.